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Condemned Criminal Origins

Free Download Games - Condemned Criminal Origins
3D Games | Adventure | Full Version | 2.3 GB

Condemned Criminal Origins is a psychological horror video games. The game uses a first person perspective. Condemned Criminal Origins places an added emphasis on melee combat and puzzle solving, including searching for fingerprints and gathering evidence. Condemned Criminal Origins is set in the fictional American City of Metro. The player takes on the role of Ethan Thomas, a crime scene investigation agent with the FBI's Serial Crime Unit, as he traverses the seedier sides of the city. His journey takes him through a number of condemned buildings as he searches for the one who framed him for murder, the evasive Serial Killer X. Along the way, Ethan must use his investigative intuition and technology to examine evidence left behind by SKX, all the while fighting off the violently psychotic denizens of Metro City, who seem to be driven to such madness by a mysterious, yet seemingly extraneous force.

System Requirements
- Operating System: Windows 2000/XP/Vista
- Processor: 2 GHz @ Intel Pentium 4 or Higher
- Memory: 512 MB @ Minimum or Higher
- Video Graphic: 128 MB @ Minimum or Higher
- Sound: Windows Compatible Sound Card

Free Download Games - Condemned Criminal OriginsFree Download Games - Condemned Criminal Origins

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