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Pepsi Man

Free Download Games - Pepsi Man
Mini Games | Adventure | Portable | 10.4 MB

Pepsi Man is a games divided into four areas, each made up of two stages. Each area starts off with Pepsi Man being approached by person with a problem, usually involving people whose thirst desperately needs to be quenched, preferably with Pepsi. Once the game get under way, there's a countdown timer and the level has to be finished before it reaches zero. Viewed from the third person perspective, Pepsi Man runs through the level automatically while the player controls his direction, left or right, and three key movements: sliding, sprinting and jumping. Among other things, Pepsi Man has to jump over open manholes, avoid oncoming traffic, slide under semi trucks and through people's homes, and dodge garbage/furniture falling out of trucks driving in front of him. The player also has to collect small cans of Pepsi along the way. There are one hundred in each stage, and collecting them increases Pepsiman's lives. With each stage the difficulty increases, and the last levels are known to be brutally challenging.

System Requirements Pepsi Man
- Operating System: Windows XP
- Processor: 600 MHz @ Intel Pentium 3 or Higher
- Memory: 64 MB @ Minimum or Higher
- Video Graphic: 32 MB @ Minimum or Higher
- Sound: Windows Compatible Sound Card

Install Notes
- Open folder D2X-GAMES
- Play game with Launch.bat
- Enjoy it!

Free Download Games - Pepsi ManFree Download Games - Pepsi Man

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