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Yatagarasu 4

Free Download Games - Yatagarasu 4
Mini Games | Fighting | Portable | 216.3 MB

Yatagarasu 4 is an upgrade version since commercial trial on C75 and C77. In Yatagarasu 4 player will get 8 characters and standard modes: Arcade, Versus and Training. Each time completing the game in Arcade mode, players performance will be evaluated. Their result can be used to open new options in "Unlock" menu. Beside gameplay, Yatagarasu 4 has similar visual to Street Fighter III. Perhaps the lack of this game lies in characters number which should be more. Along with "Revolve," Yatagarasu 4 is one of the most anticipated fighting game which was released on Comiket 80 2011.

System Requirements
- Operating System: Windows XP
- Processor: 2.4 GHz @ Intel Pentium 4 or Higher
- Memory: 256 MB @ Minimum or Higher
- Video Graphic: 64 MB @ Minimum or Higher
- Sound: Windows Compatible Sound Card

Install Notes
- Open folder D2X-GAMES
- Play game with yatagarasu4.exe
- Enjoy it!

Free Download Games - Yatagarasu 4Free Download Games - Yatagarasu 4

PASSWORD: d2xgames.blogspot.com


CAUTION: Before you try this game, it helps you conduct an examination of the virus in this game.
Because here I just tried a game and share them with you. I hope you can understand it. Thank you.

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